Why sales can be easy

As I was saying, here I was, sitting with Gabby. An expert in driving buying customers to her clients’ websites.

As we chatted, she jumped in and said… “Hey Trevor, did I tell you I’m now fully booked with clients and I’m getting paid my ideal monthly fees. How good is that!”

Gabby shared how overwhelmed and consumed she was by fear and doubt at the thought of selling and prospecting for new clients. But her need to get customers HAD BECOME A MUST! 

Gabby is now at 100% conversion and fully booked up. 


1.Decide! To learn how to drive the sales vehicle.

The number one reason why Gabby is now engaging clients is she woke up. She needed to develop sales skills. Let’s face it, hunger can be a great motivator!

Her reason ‘why’ became bigger than her fears that had kept her stagnant in struggle and frustration.

That’s what fear does. It keeps us ‘safe’ from dangers that don’t exist.

  • If you want to know the cure to lower your fear in business – it’s to upskill!
  • Never learned to drive? Get in a car alone and you’re petrified.
  • Get driving lessons from a professional and with practice and support, within 3 months you are a competent driver. Your fear levels? Low to non-existent.

2. Drive your mind: take charge of your fears.

Wake up! Be aware of what goes on in your mind.

Become aware of what goes on in that space between your ears! I call these negative thoughts ‘the voice that is the killer of my dreams’.

Some disempowering, stop you from taking action, thoughts:

  • I don’t have time to learn how to sell.
  • It will be too expensive to hire a sales trainer
  • It’s just too hard! I’ll keep winging it
  • But I’m so busy! I have this and this and this to do
  • A 2 out of 10 conversion, we are happy with that KPI
  • I’m scared.  Where do I even start?
  • If I keep doing marketing it will eventually lead to sales
  • We’re okay. We don’t need to do all of that
  • Sales & selling all sounds sleazy and pushy to me
  • We are professionals, we don’t entertain the ‘sales thing’
  • We are okay with a 5% gross profit result
  • I’m afraid to sell because what if I get rejected!
  • I need to make that call. Hey, I better go make lunch!

If you’re happy and jumping out of bed enthused about your business every day because of the paying customers and successful sales revenues – then congratulations! You’re sorted!

But if you are constantly worried and concerned about how to get clients through your door and get sales set up and flourishing – take note!

Grab a coffee and take a seat. Take a moment to do an audit on what thoughts you’re having and if they are stopping you from moving forward?

Gabby did exactly that. Before seeking help, she acknowledged that her perception of sales and selling was a fear of rejection. After seeking help, her attitude is to reach out to companies and explore if she can provide the service and value they want and need.

Maybe she can help, maybe she can’t – but she is open to communication.

Deciding to drive your mindset past your fears and doubts is exactly what Gabby did.

But she had a big reason why!

3. Get a big reason why: you want to learn to sell

Gabby arrived at a point where she was so desperate that she considered quitting her dream business. She needed to learn how to drive her sales care or risk losing everything she had worked so hard for.

What could be your big reason why?

  • I’m sick of being controlled by fear.
  • I want to help more people and be paid my worth.
  • I want to build a thriving successful career or business.
  • By building sales revenue, I can do all the things I want to do in my life.
  • Being able to engage in happy buying clients and make sales means I can help more people.
  • I can give my family the lifestyle they deserve.

You need to acknowledge your reason why you want to be paid your worth, achieve your sales targets, and really know how to engage your customers.

4. Want an ROI and result: for learning to drive the sales vehicle

One great thing about sales and marketing is that they can be measured!

When Gabby approached me for help, I asked her what did she want?

She provided me with her ideal monthly sales revenue figure, and we broke that down by the number of clients.

We set a plan, so my training cost was realistic % of what her ideal sales growth target was.

Now my training was an investment for her business. Now she has the life-long key skills to know how to drive her sales vehicle effectively.

5. Learn the skill: sales and selling

Learning these skills is just like learning how to drive. We start off by learning the basics – how to start the engine and put the car into drive. Learning how to sell with skill involves a set of steps and processes.

Gabby learnt the ‘7 Point Sales Growth Success System’:

Upgrade her perception of sales and self-worth
Get clear on the goal, ideal sales revenue figure.

Who are her clients?
Where are they? 

How to reach out them to them
Connect to get a conversation going

Structured selling skills so she can speak and explore what the client needs
Provide value-based solutions 
Present ideal outcomes and results for the client
Ask to proceed and go to the proposal

Present a client-focused proposal

Follow up and walk through and confirm the proposal

Get the yes to commence.
Say thank you and start on the work.

Gabby now has a road map with a set of driving skills which include knowing how
To write attention-grabbing emails.
Communicating effectively with clients on the phone.
Skilled and follows a sales conversion script process.
Engaging proposals and all the little secret steps that only a skilled driver knows!

6. Be held accountable: keep driving

Let’s face it – if anything is uncomfortable and challenging, we want to give up.

Without someone alongside offering encouragement and support, when we want to stop our journey. We will always struggle.

Why do companies have sales managers and CEOs?To keep the company on track and driving!

If you want to learn how to drive the sales vehicle, you need to have a sales coach, trainer, and driving instructor work alongside you to motivate you!

Gabby had me by her side to keep her on track for several months until she was confident to jump into the car and drive herself!

I continue to have driving mentors and a strong network to hold me accountable. They provide encouragement and knowledge to allow me to see past my primal fears.

My big reason why? I want to have a successful business and life.

Which is what Gabby wanted, and achieved. And you can too.

7. Keep driving: to your destination until it’s reached

Gabby kept driving. She practiced the script and followed my instructions.

I get it. People are busy.

However, what Gabby did was find her reason why. Gabby also found someone to support her and guide her through her journey.

Metaphorically, she picked up my book and read a bit every day.

Imagine what could be possible for you if you decided to just own it and upgrade you and the team’s sales and business developing driving skills?

What could it allow you to do?

How would all the working parts of your job, business, and clients benefit?
With happier buying customers and sales revenue and be in extra-ordinary profit.

How would you feel on a Friday afternoon sitting down after a big week and knowing everything is paid and the team is thriving, and more buying customers have come in that you can almost be handed. What would that be like?

With skills to know how to turn up or down when eve you want?

Back to Gabby, with her taking a step at a time, bit by bit she began to improve. Her reason why drove her to success.

She then looked at her dashboard and her number of clients and her bank account.


Gabby has a new set of skills and with a few changes, she is now building a thriving digital marketing business. She is proof that it is possible to make the money you want!

To work with the clients, you want!

If she can succeed, so can you! It’s a skill anyone can learn.

I learnt this skill myself and now teach others how to sell with confidence.

If you’re all ok in this area, great! But if you have some questions running through your mind. Such as I think I should look at this? Then do so and it’s so easy.

Which starts with a chat. If you go to my contact page and send me a message or email me. We schedule a suitable time and go through a simple process to find out if and where a tune-up could help you drive up sales.

I assure you it’s a very easy and enjoyable, opportunity expanding process. And for many the beginning of extremely empowering change. 

Or as another option, you can learn all that Gabby learnt in this program. How Digital Marketers Get Loads Of Happy Buying Customers. And this process works the same for any person or business who wants to get more customers and grow sales. 


There are always loads of gold living in you and your business, you just need to know where to dig and go dig it up. 



Trevor Russell 
Sales Growth Strategist | Trainer | Consultant | Coach