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Attracting customers, marketing and growing sales just got a whole lot easier!

Would You Like to Learn How to Sell Without Being Pushy or Salesy. Convert Leads With Confidence?

I hated the thought of selling but new if I was to make it I had to learn. Which I did and it works and I now train and advise all types of people.


If it works for any product or service (see endorsement videos below)

Why Learn How To Sell Without Being Pushy or Salesy!?

Because it’s time to…

  • Learn how to sell even though you hate it but need to! 

  • Upskill and take your business results to a new level

  • Your products and services in this new economy

  • The silly things most sales people do, so you don’t! 

  • Learn how sales and selling can be done in a beautiful way

  • How to take those leads and convert with confidence

  • Make more sales and money than ever before!

  • Follow up, get meetings, do proposals that get the yes

  • Turn a cold call into a warm, ‘lets talk, we want to meet you’

  • Sell beautifully without being pushy and salesy

  • Start being paid your worth for all your hard work

  • Stand way out from your competition, own your niche

  • Merge your tech with how to talk, skills, to grow sales

  • Build a better life for you and your families future.

Who’s This Guy Trevor Russell?

Why Would You Have Any Interest In Listening and Learning From Me?

Trevor Russell – Results Academy Director | Trainer | Coach | Speaker | Author

If for whatever reason you decided to fix or at-lease… improve on the results you’re currently getting. To make the sales and money… you want and need: to have a more successful business, career and life!?

Why me and why am I committed to doing this work? Maybe I’m a bit mad. lol. Regardless. It’s because I want to help.

I’m sure, just like you, we study. Me 8yrs + to ‘get the hall pass’ to the good executive job. – Diploma of business majoring in marketing – Master of marketing – Diploma in financial services – Plus others.

Working my way to senior executive roles. Built 2 good profitable businesses (so far) from $0 start. A $6 figure passive income which had me retired at 36. But what I realised was, I never learnt how to sell.

Which I discovered after deciding to go into business, leaving a cosy $6 figure salary. If I couldn’t get infront of my prospects and lead them to want to employ my services and ay me. I don’t get paid, and I don’t eat! Or I drive uber.

Fast forward 17 yrs. I’m not super wealthy living in a 12 bdrm home.
I don’t own a ferrari. But I did learn how to bring value and get paid in a nice professional way that works.

I have trained 100s of business owners and sales professionals who have gone on to grow sales and conversion results in the 100s of %, Doubling and tripling sales revenue. I know how to do this.  

If you want to ‘wake up’, your skills to why and how to sell with more skill and a process that works. Enjoy the process of selling and making more money and being paid your worth. If we both agree it will be of benefit to spend a day with me, I know you’ll be pleased you did.

Trevor Russell | Results Academy
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How To Sell With Skill and A Proven System
1 Day Mastery Program Agenda

Upgrade You To… 2.0 YOU!
Joining the Elite Group of Extra-Oridnary’s

8.30 – 9.45 ————————————–

  • Welcome to 3% Club, unlocking your full potential
  • Become a person of influence and inspiration
  • Why you’ve become mediocre in a Australia
  • Putting an end to the fear of selling you & getting paid!
  • Selling is not telling, pushy or sleazy selling
  • Why anyone can sell and get paid ‘by happy to buy’ customers

7 Pillars to Selling With Confidence That Converts

10:00 – 11:15 ————————————–
  • Introducing you to your pathway to life changing results
  • The 7 Pillars to Sell With Confidence and Skill

Pillar 1 – Your New Thinking About Selling and Succeeding

  • Turning your thinker on to support you to succeed
  • Become extra-ordinary and quietly starting to succeed
Pillar 2 – The Results Rocker! What And Where You Care
  • Your ideal $ Sales Revenue – Goals – No# Customers – ROI
  • Choo Choo! Turning on your activity train
  • Your 5 leads sources, Online, Offline

The People That Pay You to Exist
The Lead, The Prospect, The Enquiry

12.00pm – 1.00pm ————————————–Pillar 3 – Connection, follow up, engage

  • Your new way of speaking: bring the 3% difference
  • How to follow up with confidence the converts
  • Turning cold calls into warm, ‘let’s talk’!
  • Staying in the drivers seat: The No 1 Turn Around Question

12.45 – 1.00 – Aha’s – Break – Breath

Turning On Your Selling Super Powers
Consult to Enrol a Customer Confidently Process

1.00 – 2.45 ——————————————————

Pillar 4 – The Consult to Enrol A Customer Process 

  • The story of Tim, $0, to $600 to $0, to $1200
  • Conversion power ON!
  • Building your own Consult to Enrol a Client Process
  • Preparing for a successful outcome
  • Take them there, help them see what they want
  • 3 questions only skilled consults ask that converts 90%+
3.00 – 3.30 —————————————————-
Pillar 5 – Proposal with Power
  • Why most get new customer proposals wrong!
  • The 5 key elements to preparing proposals that get the YES
  • The Value Propostion – But Most Importantly
3.30 – 4.45 —————————————————-
Pillar 6 – Enrolling and Onboarding (Be Your Word) 

  • Let’s get you paid!
  • Do what you said you would do
  • Be a 3%r customer service legend
  • The power is in the customers hands, help them tell everyone
Pillar 7 – Staying Successful, Keeping the Money

  • Making more money is a responsibility of Warriors!
  • The trap of success, staying humble
  • Why you’ll start implementing and applying
  • Awards and celebrations

4.45 – 5.15 – Completion – High Fives! 

Questions and discussions 

Building Better, Smarter Business People, Entreprenuers, Sales Professionals.

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