While I don’t like the word, close. I prefer the word, enroll. How to enroll a prospect into being a happy buying customer or client. 

So what can you do to close the sale? To enroll lots of happy buying customers and clients, with all the skills and confidence to do so every day.

Well, it’s simple actually. But not easy. It’s simple to go to the gym every 3 days to keep fit. But not easy for people. 

Sales and selling and closing the sale is a skill that with some focus and effort can be learned and if you’re already good but want to improve, is so very possible. Ill show you how. 

For the respect of your time and want to get a quick solution to how to close sales and get paid from customers for your hard work. I’m going to share a story with you. 


I trained Mary and helped her business her own 7 POINT, SALES GROWTH SYSTEM. Like driving a car, you can learn to drive sales growth. This is what we did.

Mary has a bookkeeping business. After conducting my Business Review and Growth Planning Strategy Session I do with prospective clients. Which you will learn in Pillar 4. The Consult And Enrol A Client Process.

Mary’s strengths and then the gaps we needed to fill in sales growth skills and systems which would then give her the confidence and ability to achieve your targets, results, and goals. To close sales and enroll clients became apparent. 

Pillar 1


Rating 1 to 3 Ideal


Mindset management, past FEAR

1-Poor -High fear due to sals skills gaps 


Goals and sales targets

3-Ideal -Clear business goals and targets


Care Factor, being the Example1

2-Cares, response time could be better

Pillar 2

Catching Customers



Best 3 ponds to fish

3 – Good network, social club, expos


Is she fishing, marketing

3 – Yes highly active and out meeting


Merging tech with talk

1 – Poor, no online marketing

Pillar 3

Activity Train



Do the activity (5 x 5)

1 – Poor, no calling, asking to meet


Connect to speak and meet

1.5 – Low, connecting to enroll/sell


Schedule and confirm

1.5 – Low, committed to meet to sell

Pillar 4

Consult to enroll a client confidently



Meet and convert confidently

1 – Poor, little skill, winging it


Agree on needs value pay off

1 – None, doesn’t currently do or know to


Ask and agree to buy, next pillar

1 – None, doesn’t currently do or know to

Pillar 5

Proposals Agreements That Convert



Power Proposals

1 – Not really, more on service, not value


Confirms wants and needs of the client

1 – None, doesn’t currently do or know


Request and confirms the next steps

1 – None, doesn’t currently do or know to

Pillar 6

Follow Up And Enrol



You Follow Up

1.5 – Not really, it’s left to chance


Clarity and confirm the proposal

1.5 – Somewhat, if it comes up


Adjust and agreements

1.5 – Somewhat, if is asked

Pillar 7

Get the business, deliver on your promise



Say Thank You!

2 – Is good at welcoming client


Doe the work and deliver

3 – Very good at what they do


Be memorable

2 – Good, work on response times

In summary. Mary had some skills gaps in how to sell. Which is so common. And proactively attracting and leading a prospect to engage and employ their services is poor to average.

Which the needs and results Mary wanted if she was to employ my services was to:

  • Have much more skill and confidence to follow up leads and prospects.
  • Be able to have them say yes to employing Mary and her team’s services.
  • How to have a meeting with new and current clients to confidently enroll them.
  • Be able to confidently meet with current clients and present other services with the intention to increase sales revenue and be of greater service to her valued customers.
  • To grow the practice revenue from $13,000 to $25,000 so her husband, Lewis, could leave the tools as a builder, due to the toll it had taken on his body all these years.
  • To give them and her team a better quality of life overall.

We went to work and Mary invested the time and money and we trained her and she applies what we show her how to do to achieve her goals and targets.

Where she achieved in just over 6 growing from a $13,000 a month in gross sales turnover. To over $38,000 per month, on month… in gross sales revenue growth. Now, that’s worth celebrating!

Mary learnt to sell and close the sale. Which if you want to know how to close the sale and have the confidence to know how to connect and convert leads to happy buying customers.

You can learn all of this and more in IWANT CUSTOMERS, SALES, AND MONEY TODAY. 

If I can be of any help, just let me know. Always here to serve and support you on your quest to solve problems and achieve your goals and dreams. 

Success and happiness to you, 

Trevor Russell