Boss VS Leader

What are the keys that unlock the door to business owners, managers and team leaders gaining the best in performance, sales and productivity from their salespeople, and team members across all roles and positions?

Especially in the midst of this Corona Virus and time change and evolution for how we do business and survive and thrive?


Before we jump into my recommendations. Have a listen to what Dave Ramsey shares on the topic of leadership and how he manages 1000 + team members, which are all still employed and working.

This is from a man who has been in business longer than most of us have been alive, I would highly recommend you hear what he has to say on the topic of sales, leadership, and surviving and thriving. 

On the topic of leadership and managing teams to produce at their highest, is a book onto itself. However, much of what I have observed working in both the corporate world and within the small businesses and being someone who trains people on all things leadership and sales results.

It’s my personal belief the keys that open the door to extraordinary sales results from a team, are rather simple. But while many things, that can be simple, they are often not easy.

It’s simple to have a quick supportive daily check-in meeting with your team, to check on their focus, attitudes and give a quick boost.

But it seems extremely difficult for leaders to do.

With a salesperson to teams if you are one or manage one or many. As I am sure you know from experience, the challenge is when you bring in individual personalities and all that comes with people’s personal needs, levels of confidence.

Skills, matching of natural behavioral styles to duties needing to be consistently fulfilled and levels of self-discipline and the big one, the size of people’s egos’.

It makes for a remarkably interesting dynamic for how we can get the best from people in this important role of sales and selling, which can be successfully supported to succeed, or not.

With the goal to support them to be their best and achieve the highest in sales results, productivity, and performance. And if you lead one or many salespeople, to help you maintain your own sense of sanity and keep a good attitude and consistent level of motivation.

This is my quick solution and cure plan to help serve as a reminder of the simple but particularly important basics to be a leader of salespeople.

The first important recommendation I make, in your endeavors to be a superstar leader of salespeople and even team members and people in general. Is to review if you’re being a boss or a leader.

From what we reviewed in the DISC profiling chapter and from my own observations and I’m sure if you’re reading this, you will appreciate this statement.

To be a leader of people generally brings with it a personal style that comes with the person who has decided to build a business or motivated to want to be a leader and a manager.

Let’s face it, running a business and having to deal with the daily demands that are placed on business owners and managers, means they need to have certain personality traits, skills and temperament, to get the job done and keep the $$ flowing. 

This is what great leaders of people do, they are humble enough to keep learning and know true strength and courage comes from empowering others.

How Smart Leaders Get The Most From Their People, Check List

Here is a checklist for how successful leaders get the most from their salespeople and how they conduct themselves.  Check off where you’re conducting yourself as a leader and where you find areas you could improve on.

  • As a leader who gets the most from his sales team has the courage and strength to make leadership about supporting their team to be the best they can be.
  • Their intention is leadership that comes from a place of less about them and more about others.
  • They have a drive, mission, passion and a vision, which they share and keep their team enrolled into. Forging a path for the team follows.
  • They are there for them and help them to be prepared with skills and the tools to get the job done as successfully as they can. Setting them up for success.
  • They aim to lead by example, if they expect their team to do it, they demonstrate they already do what they are preaching. Congruent!
  • Their intention is to try while also acknowledging they are not perfect. They mess up like anyone but are also willing to acknowledge when they do.
  • They are far but also strong and friendly and supportive, but also recognize they must maintain some distance between being friends and their leader.
  • They understand it’s important to hire slowly and carefully as possible and match the right skills to do the job right. Using profiling tools to help match skills to natural styles.
  • They are willing to look at all opinions and ideas and remove their egos and the need for being right. Instead, they are more focused on, what will get the result.
  • They are good listeners and seek to understand before being understood.
  • They train their people and make sure they have the right skills to achieve the results required to do the job well and with confidence.
  • They meet with or have their team leaders meet with the team daily, to keep everyone focused, supported, skilled, and on task.
  • They know that motivation is important, but it skills in knowing how to take action past fears, calling, speaking and selling with a skill that achieves the result.
  • They reward and praise in public and reprimand in private.
  • They understand that not all days are easy for them and their team, so they do their best to work with the ebbs and flows of business and life challenges.
  • They address conflict within the team quickly. Bullying and harassment of others are unacceptable, and they face it with swift directness to remove cancer quickly.
  • They have the courage to deal with the uncomfortable, which is to have those conversions that are hard but critical to keeping everyone as a team supported.
  • The ‘better leaders’ are healthy and take care of themselves. They exercise and eat good nutritious food. As they know a healthy mind and body means a healthy business and team. How they show up for their team and safe and customers tell a million stories.
  • They don’t deal with challenges with alcohol and drugs, they face them and address them courageously. Eating the FROG quick and fast.
  • They have advisors and are willing to be supported and guided as they recognize the importance of seeking counsel from others who can help them be better leaders.

As leaders of sales teams and people and teams in general, I’m not saying don’t have a drink, or take modern medication when needed. And being a good leader doesn’t mean needing to walk on water. People are hard to manage, and business and life is stressful.

But remember this, you teach kids to ride bikes by holding them and running behind them until they get the confidence and balance to ride on their own. Run behind your person and people and keep them balanced and riding.

If you see gaps in your person or people’s abilities to achieve solid and consistent results from the work they are employed to do. I invite you to always embrace the humility to look in the mirror. You’re the boss and leader and how are you showing up, or not. What are you avoiding and needed to do? Face it!

Whether that is with your team or yourself, facing that head-on is what I consistently observe when leaders who are supporting a person or teams who perform at extra-ordinary leaves.

Top-down, top-down. What happens at the top, always filters down. Be the example!

As I write this chapter, it’s April 2020, and we are during the Corona Virus Pandemic. A friend and client of mine just popped into my head which demonstrates to me true leadership.

Let’s call him Jim. Jim is the director or a large legal practice and we were planning to do some team sales training when the virus hit the world. We were speaking about this and having to put it on hold until we knew what was going to happen.

Jim said to me, ‘my number goal now is to make sure my team of 17 are all taken care of.’ I will always remember thinking, ‘now this is a leader’.

Leadership is an especially important topic and skill we can always continue to refine, and I’ll leave you with this thought as we move on to the next chapter.

There is a movie Monsters Inc, and I this movie, the monsters are transported into children’s bedrooms at night with the goal to scare them, as fear is the energy, they need to fuel the world the monsters live in.

Then one day a Monster discovers that if they make the children laugh, the energy they get is 10 x what they get from the fear energy.

If you’re a leader of salespeople or any people, do you inspire from fear and serving yourself, or from inspiration, support, guidance and humility.

It’s not easy being a leader of people, but people need good leaders, how will you continue to show up and be the best leader you can be?


What if it could have been different?

What if they lifted the bonnet and tuned up their team and their own business? What if they faced some challenges and fears head-on? Had a willingness to invest a little, to make a lot? Maybe this would be a different picture?

I guess it shows no matter what size or industry, if a block in the fuel line isn’t attended to, any business machine will eventually stall and break down. No one is immune.


You’re probably doing just fine.

However,…If you’re one of those types of people who always want to improve and drive a better business.

Open to taking a little look under the bonnet to check where you can tune things up!
With some oil here, a turn of a screw there, and a tightening of a bolt over there.

What if you could really turn towards a faster, better performing self, team and business?
Help more customers, impact sales revenue and feel even more excited about the future?

What would you do, become, change and achieve if you could not fail?

And stay…. far away…. from that picture ever being your business!

What if?

Trevor Russell

For those who get how much time you can save and the results, you can achieve from driving the path that others have proven work.


Gives you real-life case studies, processes and methods for the committed and courageous awake person.

Who wants to get out of comfort and tuned up their business driving skill, so they can drive to wherever they’re wanting to go.

If nothing else, reminders of the fundamentals is a good thing. Right!?

If you decide to get yourself a copy of the book and read it, let me know and we can discuss what you’ve learned and like to achieve.

Be my pleasure to assist you.

Trevor Russell