It could sound like a pitch you’d hear from the guy who has a special pill that will make you younger, slimmer, smarter and richer. 

While it may not always be entirely possible. It is a very real thing that some people can just seem to do, which is to be able to influence just about anyone. 

What do I mean when I say, ‘to influence?’ Well, I don’t mean to be influencing people to go and do things that are unethical or dance like chickens, in some hypnotized state of being. 

What I’m talking about is, how can someone who would like to have better relationships with family, friends and colleagues. 

To be skilled at knowing how to connect and communicate in a manner that gets a customer to want to happily hand over their money.

To influence a team to achieve sales targets and perform in motivating productive ways.

Let’s face it, the ability to connect and influence people’s jobs and at home has too many benefits and importance to list.

Yet in a world where so much of our communication has now gone online, in email and text messaging. With people overwhelmed and stretched for time more than ever. 

  • What can someone do to be able to still influence a prospect to speak to us and buy our product or service?
  • To have someone get back to us when we leave a message or send an email? Respond to the marketing we are doing with the goal to contact us and buy our stuff? 
  • And to just be the type of person that is likable and engaging and a person other people want to be around? 

It’s a big topic, however here my personal TOP ELEVEN recommendations for how to become a person of greater influence who has the ability to connect well with people.

Who have lots of friends and can sell products and services. Influence teams to work productively and achieve KPIs and targets.
Who feel a sense of inner confidence and joy because they can communicate and connect with people and have friends for life. 


  1. Decide! To want anything starts with a decision. To become a person of influence starts with deciding, you want to be a person of influence.
  2. Be humble. When I talk about being influential, I’m talking about positive, collaborative influence, and connection. I believe humble people who have the other person’s goals and desire for positive results and outcomes are much more effective communicators and persons of influence.
  3. To have a friend is to be a friend. If you want to have friends, be a friend who speaks only well of other people. It’s an energy thing. What you put out is what you get back. 
  4. Learn to listen. Speak less and ask more. This is hard especially if you are anything like me. I love to talk, but to shut up, to ask questions and let people talk, is a much nicer more influential way to go. I find.  
  5. Ask people’s opinions. Telling, telling and telling, only shuts people down. Ask customers, prospects, family members, and friends. ‘I’m just curious, what would you do in this situation?’
    Let them speak and share. This builds bonds and trust. 
  6. Learn how to sell with skill. I teach sales and selling and there a process of authentic value building selling. To sell with confidence that achieves a win win outcome is one of the most powerful influence skills someone can possess. And you can learn this skill. If you want to learn how to sell with confidence and influence, study it. 
  7. Why do you want to be a person of influence? Make ‘your why’ a positive reason why. To help others achieve their goals, to help them do a better job. To help customers get what they want and receive high value and quality customer care and service. To be a good parent or partner. 
  8. Think and pause before responding. How often I’ve sent emails and said things without thinking first only getting myself into trouble because of the upset in another I have caused. If feeling energized or wanting to attack. Pause and give it time until you’re in a space that feels calm and you’re able to respond respectfully and maturely. (Good advice for myself)
  9. See yourself for how you want to be. If you could not fail
  10. Think abundance, not lack. I believe lots of people communicate from a place of lack, and greed and they’re not enough to go around, so they must take, take take. I believe there is plenty for everyone.
    Money, love, friendships, and successful is infinite.
    To be a real person of influence. I say be abundance and want the best for yourself and for others. 
  11. Remember to have fun! Bring a smile to people’s faces! Life can be so serious and bringing the magic to others is golden.
    In the words of Queen; ‘It’s a kind of magic!’. To be around a person who can bring a lighter, fun and humorous side to life.

I hope you find these 11 tips a good reminder to becoming a person of great influence and helps you feel happier and more fulfilled inside and be the person who can lead and influence others in positive, productive ways. 

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It’s loaded with proven methods and strategies. And if nothing else, to keep you tuned up and driving with the skill to where ever you’re wanting to go in life. 

If you ever want to talk about all things business, sales, leadership, money, and how to fix, change, and achieve what you want. Be a pleasure to chat. 

Success and happiness to you, 

Trevor Russell 

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Have you considered this? You went into business or your career role to ‘do your stuff.’ You know, the legal, digital marketing, accounting, house building, coaching, writing mortgages and IT, type stuff. The doing!

But, to DO your stuff, someone needs to be SELLING your stuff. EVEN LAWYERS.

Maybe, just maybe… It’s time to lift up the bonnet and check if a tune-up could help in some areas. Roll up the sleeves with a ‘let’s do this’ attitude. What would you desire?

Renewed inspiration?
A happier, more productive team?
Better flow of happy buying customers?
A lift in sales revenue and cash flow?
A paradigm shift for how to get anyone you want?

Would it be worth overcoming all the brain’s fears and ‘keep you safe’ thoughts such as: I don’t have the time, I don’t like reading, we’re going to be ok, maybe after I go on holiday?

The good news is, if you are open to looking at a few ways to make 2021 a year of hope, new creation, and better results. It might just be worth it.

I hope to speak about what you’ve learnt AFTER YOU HAVE READ THE BOOK.
The good reminders, new skills, and results you’re achieving. HOW EXCITING!

If I can be of any help, I’m just an email or phone call away.

You’ve got this!



Trevor Russell 
Sales Growth Strategist | Trainer | Consultant | Coach