Conversion is the key to cashflow!

In the business world, a lot of people focus on marketing and sales, they need more leads, inquiries and sales, but none of their leads converts to sales. But we can’t deny the fact that conversion is the key to cashflow! And everything comes from conversion.

Some businesses may need more leads and inquiries but they have to know what to say and what to do. There are so many moving parts in the business these days and writing the right email, saying the right words on the phone and in a meeting, having the right mindset and level of confidence are very critical in order to get those buying clients.

The common challenge of businesses right now is that their people don’t know how to do the essentials properly. We are now living in a world where people don’t know how to communicate, complete back office tasks, do marketing and sales, attend to customer needs, and are being forced to have multiple personalities. This being said, we can safely say that it is not the lack of motivation that is becoming the issue but the lack of skills.

Trevor Russel developed himself a process called “The 7 Points Sales Growth Audit” that helped a lot of business owners and his clients.

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A lawyer who only focuses on legal services and cases before are now forced to learn how to do marketing and sales. And this is because of the evolution of the world of entrepreneurs.

Proper communication with your prospects is crucial to convert them to buying customers. What you say and do is very important. There may have some scripts that you can use to converse with your audience, but nothing beats experience. It is very important that you have tried and have done the things that are needed to interact with customers before you can clearly communicate with them and get them hooked.

Watch this video by Trevor Russel as he talk about How to Outdo Ourselves to Make Better Progress.

Marry good marketing with good skill and motivation – sales revenue, customer acquisition will catapult because marketing brings them to the door, good modern consulting and sales brings them through the door.

If it feels to be uncomfortable and difficult to do, it probably is the one thing that you are meant to be doing.

If you are into podcasts, don’t forget to visit this episode of Reenergize Our Business by Joanna Zhang too.


Morgan T Nelson

Do you have a goal? Are there things you want to change, fix, and achieve in your personal and professional life?

What are the keys that unlock the door to courage, drive, more money, a thriving business? A big flow of happy buying customers and sales revenue coming into your bank account?

How to get out of debt and worry and get out of stress and into a place of clarity, drive, and motivation?

To do the work you love and live a rich, full life? Even write a book? 

Well, I was honored to be interviewed and asked on his show.  My good friend Morgan T Nelson who reaches 100s of 1000s of people around the world through his Shout Out Loud Podcast Program.

Morgan asked me to share how I wrote this book and what is the recipe for success? A simple recipe to get what you want? 

If you’re curious to hear what this recipe is and get to experience the great work Morgan is doing to changing lives and show anyone what’s possible when you have a dream and a goal.

He is a shining example that anyone can go do what they want to, all they have to do is decide and start on that path. 

Hope you enjoy the interview. 

You’ve got this! 

Trevor Russell 


Why sales can be easy

As I was saying, here I was, sitting with Gabby. An expert in driving buying customers to her clients’ websites.

As we chatted, she jumped in and said… “Hey Trevor, did I tell you I’m now fully booked with clients and I’m getting paid my ideal monthly fees. How good is that!”

Gabby shared how overwhelmed and consumed she was by fear and doubt at the thought of selling and prospecting for new clients. But her need to get customers HAD BECOME A MUST! 

Gabby is now at 100% conversion and fully booked up. 


1.Decide! To learn how to drive the sales vehicle.

The number one reason why Gabby is now engaging clients is she woke up. She needed to develop sales skills. Let’s face it, hunger can be a great motivator!

Her reason ‘why’ became bigger than her fears that had kept her stagnant in struggle and frustration.

That’s what fear does. It keeps us ‘safe’ from dangers that don’t exist.

  • If you want to know the cure to lower your fear in business – it’s to upskill!
  • Never learned to drive? Get in a car alone and you’re petrified.
  • Get driving lessons from a professional and with practice and support, within 3 months you are a competent driver. Your fear levels? Low to non-existent.

2. Drive your mind: take charge of your fears.

Wake up! Be aware of what goes on in your mind.

Become aware of what goes on in that space between your ears! I call these negative thoughts ‘the voice that is the killer of my dreams’.

Some disempowering, stop you from taking action, thoughts:

  • I don’t have time to learn how to sell.
  • It will be too expensive to hire a sales trainer
  • It’s just too hard! I’ll keep winging it
  • But I’m so busy! I have this and this and this to do
  • A 2 out of 10 conversion, we are happy with that KPI
  • I’m scared.  Where do I even start?
  • If I keep doing marketing it will eventually lead to sales
  • We’re okay. We don’t need to do all of that
  • Sales & selling all sounds sleazy and pushy to me
  • We are professionals, we don’t entertain the ‘sales thing’
  • We are okay with a 5% gross profit result
  • I’m afraid to sell because what if I get rejected!
  • I need to make that call. Hey, I better go make lunch!

If you’re happy and jumping out of bed enthused about your business every day because of the paying customers and successful sales revenues – then congratulations! You’re sorted!

But if you are constantly worried and concerned about how to get clients through your door and get sales set up and flourishing – take note!

Grab a coffee and take a seat. Take a moment to do an audit on what thoughts you’re having and if they are stopping you from moving forward?

Gabby did exactly that. Before seeking help, she acknowledged that her perception of sales and selling was a fear of rejection. After seeking help, her attitude is to reach out to companies and explore if she can provide the service and value they want and need.

Maybe she can help, maybe she can’t – but she is open to communication.

Deciding to drive your mindset past your fears and doubts is exactly what Gabby did.

But she had a big reason why!

3. Get a big reason why: you want to learn to sell

Gabby arrived at a point where she was so desperate that she considered quitting her dream business. She needed to learn how to drive her sales care or risk losing everything she had worked so hard for.

What could be your big reason why?

  • I’m sick of being controlled by fear.
  • I want to help more people and be paid my worth.
  • I want to build a thriving successful career or business.
  • By building sales revenue, I can do all the things I want to do in my life.
  • Being able to engage in happy buying clients and make sales means I can help more people.
  • I can give my family the lifestyle they deserve.

You need to acknowledge your reason why you want to be paid your worth, achieve your sales targets, and really know how to engage your customers.

4. Want an ROI and result: for learning to drive the sales vehicle

One great thing about sales and marketing is that they can be measured!

When Gabby approached me for help, I asked her what did she want?

She provided me with her ideal monthly sales revenue figure, and we broke that down by the number of clients.

We set a plan, so my training cost was realistic % of what her ideal sales growth target was.

Now my training was an investment for her business. Now she has the life-long key skills to know how to drive her sales vehicle effectively.

5. Learn the skill: sales and selling

Learning these skills is just like learning how to drive. We start off by learning the basics – how to start the engine and put the car into drive. Learning how to sell with skill involves a set of steps and processes.

Gabby learnt the ‘7 Point Sales Growth Success System’:

Upgrade her perception of sales and self-worth
Get clear on the goal, ideal sales revenue figure.

Who are her clients?
Where are they? 

How to reach out them to them
Connect to get a conversation going

Structured selling skills so she can speak and explore what the client needs
Provide value-based solutions 
Present ideal outcomes and results for the client
Ask to proceed and go to the proposal

Present a client-focused proposal

Follow up and walk through and confirm the proposal

Get the yes to commence.
Say thank you and start on the work.

Gabby now has a road map with a set of driving skills which include knowing how
To write attention-grabbing emails.
Communicating effectively with clients on the phone.
Skilled and follows a sales conversion script process.
Engaging proposals and all the little secret steps that only a skilled driver knows!

6. Be held accountable: keep driving

Let’s face it – if anything is uncomfortable and challenging, we want to give up.

Without someone alongside offering encouragement and support, when we want to stop our journey. We will always struggle.

Why do companies have sales managers and CEOs?To keep the company on track and driving!

If you want to learn how to drive the sales vehicle, you need to have a sales coach, trainer, and driving instructor work alongside you to motivate you!

Gabby had me by her side to keep her on track for several months until she was confident to jump into the car and drive herself!

I continue to have driving mentors and a strong network to hold me accountable. They provide encouragement and knowledge to allow me to see past my primal fears.

My big reason why? I want to have a successful business and life.

Which is what Gabby wanted, and achieved. And you can too.

7. Keep driving: to your destination until it’s reached

Gabby kept driving. She practiced the script and followed my instructions.

I get it. People are busy.

However, what Gabby did was find her reason why. Gabby also found someone to support her and guide her through her journey.

Metaphorically, she picked up my book and read a bit every day.

Imagine what could be possible for you if you decided to just own it and upgrade you and the team’s sales and business developing driving skills?

What could it allow you to do?

How would all the working parts of your job, business, and clients benefit?
With happier buying customers and sales revenue and be in extra-ordinary profit.

How would you feel on a Friday afternoon sitting down after a big week and knowing everything is paid and the team is thriving, and more buying customers have come in that you can almost be handed. What would that be like?

With skills to know how to turn up or down when eve you want?

Back to Gabby, with her taking a step at a time, bit by bit she began to improve. Her reason why drove her to success.

She then looked at her dashboard and her number of clients and her bank account.


Gabby has a new set of skills and with a few changes, she is now building a thriving digital marketing business. She is proof that it is possible to make the money you want!

To work with the clients, you want!

If she can succeed, so can you! It’s a skill anyone can learn.

I learnt this skill myself and now teach others how to sell with confidence.

If you’re all ok in this area, great! But if you have some questions running through your mind. Such as I think I should look at this? Then do so and it’s so easy.

Which starts with a chat. If you go to my contact page and send me a message or email me. We schedule a suitable time and go through a simple process to find out if and where a tune-up could help you drive up sales.

I assure you it’s a very easy and enjoyable, opportunity expanding process. And for many the beginning of extremely empowering change. 

Or as another option, you can learn all that Gabby learnt in this program. How Digital Marketers Get Loads Of Happy Buying Customers. And this process works the same for any person or business who wants to get more customers and grow sales.

There are always loads of gold living in you and your business, you just need to know where to dig and go dig it up. 



Trevor Russell 
Sales Growth Strategist | Trainer | Consultant | Coach



It could sound like a pitch you’d hear from the guy who has a special pill that will make you younger, slimmer, smarter and richer. 

While it may not always be entirely possible. It is a very real thing that some people can just seem to do, which is to be able to influence just about anyone. 

What do I mean when I say, ‘to influence?’ Well, I don’t mean to be influencing people to go and do things that are unethical or dance like chickens, in some hypnotized state of being. 

What I’m talking about is, how can someone who would like to have better relationships with family, friends and colleagues. 

To be skilled at knowing how to connect and communicate in a manner that gets a customer to want to happily hand over their money.

To influence a team to achieve sales targets and perform in motivating productive ways.

Let’s face it, the ability to connect and influence people’s jobs and at home has too many benefits and importance to list.

Yet in a world where so much of our communication has now gone online, in email and text messaging. With people overwhelmed and stretched for time more than ever. 

  • What can someone do to be able to still influence a prospect to speak to us and buy our product or service?
  • To have someone get back to us when we leave a message or send an email? Respond to the marketing we are doing with the goal to contact us and buy our stuff? 
  • And to just be the type of person that is likable and engaging and a person other people want to be around? 

It’s a big topic, however here my personal TOP ELEVEN recommendations for how to become a person of greater influence who has the ability to connect well with people.

Who have lots of friends and can sell products and services. Influence teams to work productively and achieve KPIs and targets.
Who feel a sense of inner confidence and joy because they can communicate and connect with people and have friends for life. 


  1. Decide! To want anything starts with a decision. To become a person of influence starts with deciding, you want to be a person of influence.
  2. Be humble. When I talk about being influential, I’m talking about positive, collaborative influence, and connection. I believe humble people who have the other person’s goals and desire for positive results and outcomes are much more effective communicators and persons of influence.
  3. To have a friend is to be a friend. If you want to have friends, be a friend who speaks only well of other people. It’s an energy thing. What you put out is what you get back. 
  4. Learn to listen. Speak less and ask more. This is hard especially if you are anything like me. I love to talk, but to shut up, to ask questions and let people talk, is a much nicer more influential way to go. I find.  
  5. Ask people’s opinions. Telling, telling and telling, only shuts people down. Ask customers, prospects, family members, and friends. ‘I’m just curious, what would you do in this situation?’
    Let them speak and share. This builds bonds and trust. 
  6. Learn how to sell with skill. I teach sales and selling and there a process of authentic value building selling. To sell with confidence that achieves a win win outcome is one of the most powerful influence skills someone can possess. And you can learn this skill. If you want to learn how to sell with confidence and influence, study it. 
  7. Why do you want to be a person of influence? Make ‘your why’ a positive reason why. To help others achieve their goals, to help them do a better job. To help customers get what they want and receive high value and quality customer care and service. To be a good parent or partner. 
  8. Think and pause before responding. How often I’ve sent emails and said things without thinking first only getting myself into trouble because of the upset in another I have caused. If feeling energized or wanting to attack. Pause and give it time until you’re in a space that feels calm and you’re able to respond respectfully and maturely. (Good advice for myself)
  9. See yourself for how you want to be. If you could not fail
  10. Think abundance, not lack. I believe lots of people communicate from a place of lack, and greed and they’re not enough to go around, so they must take, take take. I believe there is plenty for everyone.
    Money, love, friendships, and successful is infinite.
    To be a real person of influence. I say be abundance and want the best for yourself and for others. 
  11. Remember to have fun! Bring a smile to people’s faces! Life can be so serious and bringing the magic to others is golden.
    In the words of Queen; ‘It’s a kind of magic!’. To be around a person who can bring a lighter, fun and humorous side to life.

I hope you find these 11 tips a good reminder to becoming a person of great influence and helps you feel happier and more fulfilled inside and be the person who can lead and influence others in positive, productive ways. 

If you want to learn more about influence, communication, leadership, sales, and people skills. Check out my book IWANT CUSTOMERS SALES MONEY TODAY.

It’s loaded with proven methods and strategies. And if nothing else, to keep you tuned up and driving with the skill to where ever you’re wanting to go in life. 

If you ever want to talk about all things business, sales, leadership, money, and how to fix, change, and achieve what you want. Be a pleasure to chat. 

Success and happiness to you, 

Trevor Russell 

PS: I have 5 free books ready to mail if you’d like to copy. If you one, go to the CONNECT page and send me a message. 



While I don’t like the word, close. I prefer the word, enroll. How to enroll a prospect into being a happy buying customer or client. 

So what can you do to close the sale? To enroll lots of happy buying customers and clients, with all the skills and confidence to do so every day.

Well, it’s simple actually. But not easy. It’s simple to go to the gym every 3 days to keep fit. But not easy for people. 

Sales and selling and closing the sale is a skill that with some focus and effort can be learned and if you’re already good but want to improve, is so very possible. Ill show you how. 

For the respect of your time and want to get a quick solution to how to close sales and get paid from customers for your hard work. I’m going to share a story with you. 


I trained Mary and helped her business her own 7 POINT, SALES GROWTH SYSTEM. Like driving a car, you can learn to drive sales growth. This is what we did.

Mary has a bookkeeping business. After conducting my Business Review and Growth Planning Strategy Session I do with prospective clients. Which you will learn in Pillar 4. The Consult And Enrol A Client Process.

Mary’s strengths and then the gaps we needed to fill in sales growth skills and systems which would then give her the confidence and ability to achieve your targets, results, and goals. To close sales and enroll clients became apparent. 

Pillar 1


Rating 1 to 3 Ideal


Mindset management, past FEAR

1-Poor -High fear due to sals skills gaps 


Goals and sales targets

3-Ideal -Clear business goals and targets


Care Factor, being the Example1

2-Cares, response time could be better

Pillar 2

Catching Customers



Best 3 ponds to fish

3 – Good network, social club, expos


Is she fishing, marketing

3 – Yes highly active and out meeting


Merging tech with talk

1 – Poor, no online marketing

Pillar 3

Activity Train



Do the activity (5 x 5)

1 – Poor, no calling, asking to meet


Connect to speak and meet

1.5 – Low, connecting to enroll/sell


Schedule and confirm

1.5 – Low, committed to meet to sell

Pillar 4

Consult to enroll a client confidently



Meet and convert confidently

1 – Poor, little skill, winging it


Agree on needs value pay off

1 – None, doesn’t currently do or know to


Ask and agree to buy, next pillar

1 – None, doesn’t currently do or know to

Pillar 5

Proposals Agreements That Convert



Power Proposals

1 – Not really, more on service, not value


Confirms wants and needs of the client

1 – None, doesn’t currently do or know


Request and confirms the next steps

1 – None, doesn’t currently do or know to

Pillar 6

Follow Up And Enrol



You Follow Up

1.5 – Not really, it’s left to chance


Clarity and confirm the proposal

1.5 – Somewhat, if it comes up


Adjust and agreements

1.5 – Somewhat, if is asked

Pillar 7

Get the business, deliver on your promise



Say Thank You!

2 – Is good at welcoming client


Doe the work and deliver

3 – Very good at what they do


Be memorable

2 – Good, work on response times

In summary. Mary had some skills gaps in how to sell. Which is so common. And proactively attracting and leading a prospect to engage and employ their services is poor to average.

Which the needs and results Mary wanted if she was to employ my services was to:

  • Have much more skill and confidence to follow up leads and prospects.
  • Be able to have them say yes to employing Mary and her team’s services.
  • How to have a meeting with new and current clients to confidently enroll them.
  • Be able to confidently meet with current clients and present other services with the intention to increase sales revenue and be of greater service to her valued customers.
  • To grow the practice revenue from $13,000 to $25,000 so her husband, Lewis, could leave the tools as a builder, due to the toll it had taken on his body all these years.
  • To give them and her team a better quality of life overall.

We went to work and Mary invested the time and money and we trained her and she applies what we show her how to do to achieve her goals and targets.

Where she achieved in just over 6 growing from a $13,000 a month in gross sales turnover. To over $38,000 per month, on month… in gross sales revenue growth. Now, that’s worth celebrating!

Mary learnt to sell and close the sale. Which if you want to know how to close the sale and have the confidence to know how to connect and convert leads to happy buying customers.

You can learn all of this and more in IWANT CUSTOMERS, SALES, AND MONEY TODAY. 

If I can be of any help, just let me know. Always here to serve and support you on your quest to solve problems and achieve your goals and dreams. 

Success and happiness to you, 

Trevor Russell 




Boss VS Leader

What are the keys that unlock the door to business owners, managers and team leaders gaining the best in performance, sales and productivity from their salespeople, and team members across all roles and positions?

Especially in the midst of this Corona Virus and time change and evolution for how we do business and survive and thrive?


Before we jump into my recommendations. Have a listen to what Dave Ramsey shares on the topic of leadership and how he manages 1000 + team members, which are all still employed and working.

This is from a man who has been in business longer than most of us have been alive, I would highly recommend you hear what he has to say on the topic of sales, leadership, and surviving and thriving. 

On the topic of leadership and managing teams to produce at their highest, is a book onto itself. However, much of what I have observed working in both the corporate world and within the small businesses and being someone who trains people on all things leadership and sales results.

It’s my personal belief the keys that open the door to extraordinary sales results from a team, are rather simple. But while many things, that can be simple, they are often not easy.

It’s simple to have a quick supportive daily check-in meeting with your team, to check on their focus, attitudes and give a quick boost.

But it seems extremely difficult for leaders to do.

With a salesperson to teams if you are one or manage one or many. As I am sure you know from experience, the challenge is when you bring in individual personalities and all that comes with people’s personal needs, levels of confidence.

Skills, matching of natural behavioral styles to duties needing to be consistently fulfilled and levels of self-discipline and the big one, the size of people’s egos’.

It makes for a remarkably interesting dynamic for how we can get the best from people in this important role of sales and selling, which can be successfully supported to succeed, or not.

With the goal to support them to be their best and achieve the highest in sales results, productivity, and performance. And if you lead one or many salespeople, to help you maintain your own sense of sanity and keep a good attitude and consistent level of motivation.

This is my quick solution and cure plan to help serve as a reminder of the simple but particularly important basics to be a leader of salespeople.

The first important recommendation I make, in your endeavors to be a superstar leader of salespeople and even team members and people in general. Is to review if you’re being a boss or a leader.

From what we reviewed in the DISC profiling chapter and from my own observations and I’m sure if you’re reading this, you will appreciate this statement.

To be a leader of people generally brings with it a personal style that comes with the person who has decided to build a business or motivated to want to be a leader and a manager.

Let’s face it, running a business and having to deal with the daily demands that are placed on business owners and managers, means they need to have certain personality traits, skills and temperament, to get the job done and keep the $$ flowing. 

This is what great leaders of people do, they are humble enough to keep learning and know true strength and courage comes from empowering others.

How Smart Leaders Get The Most From Their People, Check List

Here is a checklist for how successful leaders get the most from their salespeople and how they conduct themselves.  Check off where you’re conducting yourself as a leader and where you find areas you could improve on.

  • As a leader who gets the most from his sales team has the courage and strength to make leadership about supporting their team to be the best they can be.
  • Their intention is leadership that comes from a place of less about them and more about others.
  • They have a drive, mission, passion and a vision, which they share and keep their team enrolled into. Forging a path for the team follows.
  • They are there for them and help them to be prepared with skills and the tools to get the job done as successfully as they can. Setting them up for success.
  • They aim to lead by example, if they expect their team to do it, they demonstrate they already do what they are preaching. Congruent!
  • Their intention is to try while also acknowledging they are not perfect. They mess up like anyone but are also willing to acknowledge when they do.
  • They are far but also strong and friendly and supportive, but also recognize they must maintain some distance between being friends and their leader.
  • They understand it’s important to hire slowly and carefully as possible and match the right skills to do the job right. Using profiling tools to help match skills to natural styles.
  • They are willing to look at all opinions and ideas and remove their egos and the need for being right. Instead, they are more focused on, what will get the result.
  • They are good listeners and seek to understand before being understood.
  • They train their people and make sure they have the right skills to achieve the results required to do the job well and with confidence.
  • They meet with or have their team leaders meet with the team daily, to keep everyone focused, supported, skilled, and on task.
  • They know that motivation is important, but it skills in knowing how to take action past fears, calling, speaking and selling with a skill that achieves the result.
  • They reward and praise in public and reprimand in private.
  • They understand that not all days are easy for them and their team, so they do their best to work with the ebbs and flows of business and life challenges.
  • They address conflict within the team quickly. Bullying and harassment of others are unacceptable, and they face it with swift directness to remove cancer quickly.
  • They have the courage to deal with the uncomfortable, which is to have those conversions that are hard but critical to keeping everyone as a team supported.
  • The ‘better leaders’ are healthy and take care of themselves. They exercise and eat good nutritious food. As they know a healthy mind and body means a healthy business and team. How they show up for their team and safe and customers tell a million stories.
  • They don’t deal with challenges with alcohol and drugs, they face them and address them courageously. Eating the FROG quick and fast.
  • They have advisors and are willing to be supported and guided as they recognize the importance of seeking counsel from others who can help them be better leaders.

As leaders of sales teams and people and teams in general, I’m not saying don’t have a drink, or take modern medication when needed. And being a good leader doesn’t mean needing to walk on water. People are hard to manage, and business and life is stressful.

But remember this, you teach kids to ride bikes by holding them and running behind them until they get the confidence and balance to ride on their own. Run behind your person and people and keep them balanced and riding.

If you see gaps in your person or people’s abilities to achieve solid and consistent results from the work they are employed to do. I invite you to always embrace the humility to look in the mirror. You’re the boss and leader and how are you showing up, or not. What are you avoiding and needed to do? Face it!

Whether that is with your team or yourself, facing that head-on is what I consistently observe when leaders who are supporting a person or teams who perform at extra-ordinary leaves.

Top-down, top-down. What happens at the top, always filters down. Be the example!

As I write this chapter, it’s April 2020, and we are during the Corona Virus Pandemic. A friend and client of mine just popped into my head which demonstrates to me true leadership.

Let’s call him Jim. Jim is the director or a large legal practice and we were planning to do some team sales training when the virus hit the world. We were speaking about this and having to put it on hold until we knew what was going to happen.

Jim said to me, ‘my number goal now is to make sure my team of 17 are all taken care of.’ I will always remember thinking, ‘now this is a leader’.

Leadership is an especially important topic and skill we can always continue to refine, and I’ll leave you with this thought as we move on to the next chapter.

There is a movie Monsters Inc, and I this movie, the monsters are transported into children’s bedrooms at night with the goal to scare them, as fear is the energy, they need to fuel the world the monsters live in.

Then one day a Monster discovers that if they make the children laugh, the energy they get is 10 x what they get from the fear energy.

If you’re a leader of salespeople or any people, do you inspire from fear and serving yourself, or from inspiration, support, guidance and humility.

It’s not easy being a leader of people, but people need good leaders, how will you continue to show up and be the best leader you can be?


What if it could have been different?

What if they lifted the bonnet and tuned up their team and their own business? What if they faced some challenges and fears head-on? Had a willingness to invest a little, to make a lot? Maybe this would be a different picture?

I guess it shows no matter what size or industry, if a block in the fuel line isn’t attended to, any business machine will eventually stall and break down. No one is immune.


You’re probably doing just fine.

However,…If you’re one of those types of people who always want to improve and drive a better business.

Open to taking a little look under the bonnet to check where you can tune things up!
With some oil here, a turn of a screw there, and a tightening of a bolt over there.

What if you could really turn towards a faster, better performing self, team and business?
Help more customers, impact sales revenue and feel even more excited about the future?

What would you do, become, change and achieve if you could not fail?

And stay…. far away…. from that picture ever being your business!

What if?

Trevor Russell

For those who get how much time you can save and the results, you can achieve from driving the path that others have proven work.


Gives you real-life case studies, processes and methods for the committed and courageous awake person.

Who wants to get out of comfort and tuned up their business driving skill, so they can drive to wherever they’re wanting to go.

If nothing else, reminders of the fundamentals is a good thing. Right!?

If you decide to get yourself a copy of the book and read it, let me know and we can discuss what you’ve learned and like to achieve.

Be my pleasure to assist you.

Trevor Russell


Have you considered this? You went into business or your career role to ‘do your stuff.’ You know, the legal, digital marketing, accounting, house building, coaching, writing mortgages and IT, type stuff. The doing!

But, to DO your stuff, someone needs to be SELLING your stuff. EVEN LAWYERS.

Maybe, just maybe… It’s time to lift up the bonnet and check if a tune-up could help in some areas. Roll up the sleeves with a ‘let’s do this’ attitude. What would you desire?

Renewed inspiration?
A happier, more productive team?
Better flow of happy buying customers?
A lift in sales revenue and cash flow?
A paradigm shift for how to get anyone you want?

Would it be worth overcoming all the brain’s fears and ‘keep you safe’ thoughts such as: I don’t have the time, I don’t like reading, we’re going to be ok, maybe after I go on holiday?

The good news is, if you are open to looking at a few ways to make 2021 a year of hope, new creation, and better results. It might just be worth it.

I hope to speak about what you’ve learnt AFTER YOU HAVE READ THE BOOK.
The good reminders, new skills, and results you’re achieving. HOW EXCITING!

If I can be of any help, I’m just an email or phone call away.

You’ve got this!



Trevor Russell 
Sales Growth Strategist | Trainer | Consultant | Coach