If you want to discover where customer and sales revenue growth performance opportunities within your business. No matter what industry or size, The 7 Point Sales Growth Audit is a step by step audit, that will help you quickly uncover where to put your attention so you can drive you, your team and business to your ideal destination.

Working with 100s of businesses measuring what impacts customer attraction and sales skills and processes, clients following this audit, are achieving, 20% to 300% plus, in customer and sales revenue growth.


  1. Complete the initial get to know you questions.
  2. Click Next to access the 7 Point Audit. It takes about 4 to 8 minutes to complete.
  3. Click the sentence you do consistently as part of your business practice. 
  4. Leave the sentences, you don’t do or unsure of the meaning. 
  5. Your total score will be totalled at the end. Into Yellow, Green or Black Belt.
  6. You will be emailed your total audit score.
  7. As a next step, we can discuss your results and how to support you further.

Rest assured most businesses fall into the yellow or green category. This is good news because you will now have the beginning of a road map with more clarity for how to start driving to improved performance and better results.  


Enter your name
Enter your email address
Enter your phone number
Ideal annual sales revenue target
If you could not fail, what would you like to most fix, change and achieve?

Which BELT do you currently hold with your current score?

1. Sales Mastery YELLOW Belt 10 to 20

If your overall score totals 10 to 20+ you are at a beginner level. Well done! You have and EXCITING TIMES AHEAD, because you have lots of customer and sales growth living in your business. Take a screen shoot of your test so you have a starting plan. Let’s talk!

2. Sales Mastery GREEN Belt 20 to 35

If your overall score totals 20 to 35+ you are at an intermediate level. Well done for all your good work. With a few tune ups in your conversion skills and process, you’re going to experience dramatic improvement in your customer growth, sales revenue and overall performance. You’ve got this! Let’s get some better results going fast! Let’s talk.

3. Sales Mastery BLACK Belt 35 to 43

If your overall score totals is 35 to 43. Well done! I am confident you are excelling in all areas. If you’d like to lift the bonnet and look at where you can make some adjustments to how you’re planning for growth and attending to your lead generation and sales revenue growth. It would be a pleasure to take a look with you.


Thank you for completing the Sales Growth Audit, while simple it’s not easy for anyone putting themselves and their businesses under the microscope. The good news is, we now know where to put attention and with some patience and time, you can quickly achieve your desired goals and targets.

What’s next? Connect with me and we can do a good, detailed review of your list of wants and needs and explore if and how to best proceed. The only cost to you is a bit of your time.

Ill leave it up to you. It would be my pleasure.

Trevor Russell