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Trevor Russell

Director | Sales Trainer | Business Advisor | Performance Coach | Speaker

Are you someone, who owns or run a business, heads a division, employed or self-employed, who would like a system to help you…

  • Know just how proficient you are at achieving your sales targets?
  • Go from keeping your sales revenue flowing to really growing?
  • Stand out from your competition be the go-to in your industry?
  • Consistently convert online enquiries to buying customers?
  • Communicate, speak and present and enroll clients confidently?
  • Keep you and your team performing at their best?
  • Fulfill on your mission for helping and servicing more people?
  • Bring your ideal sales targets and results into reality?
  • Have a clear path for how to market and sell and succeed?

Most importantly, would the future of your business and career be worth investing some energy into learning new proven system for attracting and converting prospects to paying clients?

Then welcome! At the Results Academy, we are committed to providing (no hype) and very usable tools and systems that will have you get clear on your ideal targets and results and how to achieve them.

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Before considering us, we will always plan together, what you want to achieve and if what we do, is the right fit for you.

Results Academy Programs, Training & Services

Superstar Speaker

From this 1-day mastery training day, you will learn how love public speaking, become a confidently, dynamic speaker who engages their audience and has people want to meet you and buy from you.

How to Sell With Skill

From this 1-day mastery training day, you will leave with your own proven sales growth system. So, you know how to attract customers and achieve your sales targets with a plan and confidence. It works!

Get Results From An Expo

From this 2-hour mastery training session, you will learn the simple secrets to how you connect and attract new customers and sales from exhibiting your business at expos and tradeshows.

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