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Turn Down The Voice of Fear, Turn Up Your Success!

If you need to improve sales results and if you have that voice running daily, as I call it!

The voice that is… ‘the killer of our dreams and success’.

You know you could do so much better if you could ‘turn it down’ or off! Saying to you…

– The Norman, ‘I’m Not Good Enough’ Yet, to contact them.
– The Pam, ‘I Need to Make It Perfect’ before I go live with my business.
– The Peter, ‘I don’t want to ask them to pay and seem Pushy!’
– And the most common, The Norman, ‘What if they say… NO!’

In this video, I share a simple process, to turn down that silly voice of fear,
and hopefully, assist you in turning up your ability to succeed!











If you’d like to learn this process and the modern approach to improve sales and cash flow.

How to Sell Without Selling & Convert With Confidence | Masterclass

In this training, you will learn and gain

-The clarity for how to make your ideal sales and cash flow a reality.
-New results by learning the 7 Pillar: Business Sales Growth System
-The skill to turn down your fears and turn up your drive to self promote, so you can help more people.
-The understanding of how to sell without selling and being pushy, which is fun and exciting!
-Clarity and stop guessing where to put your focus to make money and attract clients and customers.

How Do I Attend?

1. Trevor. Reply email me. Write, ‘Trevor, I’m In!’
2. What business you’re in or what you sell?
3. Anything else you want to ask and share?

Tuition Options

Trevor, as I offered in the video if you’re in the first 5 to register, be a pleasure for being an action taker My Brisbane Review Growth Planning session with you.

1. To register, the tuition is on the booking page.
2. You can fix this up in 2 x part installments, just let me know. (see below)
3. Or if you’re still on the fence, attend the training and if I teach you how to create 10 X the tuition.
Plus, you feel you got value. We can fix up the $ after the training. Or, it’s on me!

What’s Next?

Well, try the Silly Story method and let me know how it goes.
If you’re up for up-skilling in the area of sales and conversion, email me and let’s make it happen.

When you email me, we can organize all the tuition, which option, etc, be a pleasure.


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