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Why You’re Failing At Sales and What To Do About It

I know I laid into you with the how you must effectively service your customers which I instructed you, you must put on your list of actions to get your sales results up.

Following on from that very important area, with a commitment to just how you would study and practice over years and years, is to learn a new skill and develop your abilities, just like you would in say… your professional role, or learning to play a sport with skill.

Let’s get clear on…

Why people fail in being highly effective and successful at selling the products and services they represent?

Is it because…

  • There are so many competing products and services to choose from?
  • There is just not enough people spending money anymore?
  • So much to consider, do and understand, the internet, social media, SEO, blogging, etc?
  • People are overwhelmed with being bombarded with twitter, emails
  • And text messaging and how you’re going to penetrate people’s minds to see you?
  • The market for what you’re selling is drying up or doesn’t exist anymore?
  • That guy speaking is telling you how the sky is going to cave in and the world is coming to another end, again!?

Well, it could be very possible that there are aspects of all these things going on, around you. However, while these things are going on all around us all, what I know is, there are people, businesses, and companies prospering…right now, today, with all this going on in other peoples’ minds!

While the many have a whole lot of stories, running around in their heads and out of their mouths. How is it that some can be winning in sales and profitability and others not?

Well, this is what I plan to share with you, show you and teach you and motivate you to get your head around so you can get the results you want, right here from in this book.

Ok, so to start let’s get the crappy news out of the way before we go onto the good winning helpful news.

Would you be interested to find out what I have seen as the really sad and dangerous reasons many people fail in being good at influence, communication, and sales?

It’s because of a large majority of people…

  • Need to wake up, because they don’t realize or don’t want to believe and embrace and acknowledge their actual salespeople!
  • Are way too caught up their own minds and can’t get the courage and determination together to push past fear and dare to be bold, to do what it takes to get out of their own head stories and focus on and get involved in what they must and need to sell.
  • Are all over the place, they’re stressed, hungover, tired, sleep-deprived, eating bad high fat and sugar foods, and have complete disrespect for their bodies & minds.
  • Focus all their time and energy on what feels nice, comfortable, familiar and safe, such as doing just the bare minimum, spending way too much time reading junk, watching junk TV, social media, pornography and wasting time on doing nothing productive.
  • Are overtaken by the feelings of fear in all aspects of their lives, fear of change, fear of standing up and being counted, fear of money, fear of asking for help, fear of anything that will bring them greater happiness and financial freedom for them and their families.
  • In sales roles should simply just not be in sales as a profession as it’s so far from what they are capable of doing, they will never be able to do it.
  • Are poorly managed by people who have little to no idea themselves about how to lead, market and sell effectively, to let alone show, lead and inspire others how to do it successfully.
  • 97% of people in sales are average to poor simply because of they…
    1. Don’t put any focus and commitment to learning how to be skilled professionals and consistent in the influence and selling abilities.
    2. Have a philosophy around sales is weak to completely off!
    3. Have no strategy, no skills, no focus on what and how to be successful.
    4. Don’t ask and have no understanding of what successful sales process to engage their clients, is, and how to be successful at it looks and feels like.
    5. Think training themselves and their staff with how to sell is a complete waste of time and their cash flow and would rather spend money on alcohol and all the other brain-numbing stuff humans in stress and fear indulge in.
    6. Think their staff are crooks and will only leave them so why to invest in them anyway.
    7. Have an attitude of ‘I’m right’ while everything is going wrong until it’s too late.

‘I am 100% clear, for everyone who is failing in sales, you will find a lack of consistent, focused support and training, to provide a consistent place for Reminders, Review, Reinforcement, Refocus and Recharging energies to be able to continually go out and achieve consistent sales success’. 

So simple in so many ways, yet so crazy that it’s not. It’s why only a handful of humans ever get to get it, which I planning are the hands of success you are and will be falling into.

Now, let us get onto the good news!

I would be thinking that if you’re reading this, you’re clear on the life-changing benefits for improving sales skills, and you’re responsible for selling you’re products and services, either directly or indirectly.

You want something more, something better. True?

Well, you are in the right place, my friend. Did you know, just by reading this book and if you get all the way through and finish it, you will be in the 3% club, which is 3% of society, who have a passion and desire, to want to be better and improve their professional skills.

To focus on and learn and master their abilities to live with great satisfaction, better relationship and lots of money and be as I like to say… *super successful*.

Unfortunately, as you can see, the % is very low. But what we can do about it is the most important area to put our focus on.

Which leads us to the question as to why you are here, how do you double your sales in 90 days or less? How do you be more successful and build high cash flow and profitable business?

Doubling your sales in 90 days or less comes down to being 100% aware and committed with an ‘I CAN AND I WILL’, commitment and desire to make it happen!

With the intention here to give you the best and most relevant up to date sales growth, success and winning strategies, I’ve been in deep reflection of my own sales experience, clients I’ve worked with and how they have achieved very high % increases in sales results.

I have been reading books and listening to the best of the best in sales. The great news is what I’ve ascertained is that success can be yours and yes it can come down to all these principles laid out in this book.

And in addition, what I have also done below is provide what I have termed the Pathway to Superhero Sales Success.

My clear instructions to you as part of your study and work her is… for you to print this pathway table out and stick it in place you can see daily and you will very quickly get and stay focused on what will have you achieve high customer acquisition and retention results and make you and your team successful salespeople.

Most importantly keep your focused on what you ‘need to become’ and ‘be’ implementing and doing overtime… for you and your team to be winning in the area of sales, business, relationship, and your life!

Mmm??? Sounds pretty damn important to focus on, reflect on and take action on to master?

I think very much so, if, and only if you really want to double those sales in 90 days or less!

Ok then, please…. take a deep breath, smile and let us check it out.

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