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What’s Your Desire?

Let me ask you… is your desire dead?

Is it dead from doing the same old thing every day?

Do you have the desire to really do what it takes to achieve a 100% + increase in sales over the next 90 days?

You may not know all the pieces; you may be scared out of your mind thinking…

You may not know all the pieces, you may be scared out of your mind thinking, ‘This is way beyond me, but I have the desire and will figure it out!’

Then you’re on your way! I’m telling you you’ll double your sales in 90 days or less.

In his book ADKAR, How to implement Successful Change, by Jeffrey M. Hart

Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability to Act, Reinforcement.

Jeff says, you can have all the Awareness that change must and needs to happen, but you MUST have an unreasonable, extremely focused, certain, committed Desire, to fix the mess up, to get to work, to do the study, create the plan and set the adventurous targets and then be willing to do what it takes to achieve it.


If you’re going to double your sales in the next 90 days or less, you must…

  • Get excited again for why you’re doing the job, managing, running, growing the business, the corporation and …
  • Find, get or reignite your passion for what you sell and…
  • Get very clear on why you believe in what you sell and…
  • Dare to be the example of what successful service, influence, and selling are, and…
  • Be unreasonable in your commitment to share your vision, to do what it takes, in-spite of why you’re monkey mind and others say it won’t work and isn’t possible.

And if you’re reading this, and still here with me, and your mind is feeling overwhelmed and again, is telling you, ‘there’s too much competition, you’re tired, no one has any money, we’re not on Face book and LinkedIn and our website is crappy, and my sales manager is a hopeless idiot.’

Well then, to get your Desire going and to push you through fear and hopeless and helpless, where many people get stuck and never move from.

Here are some powerful quest

ions to help you gain clarity for what you’re doing, who you and your sales team are being and the actions you’re taking, to lift you and your desire!

So how did you go with this sell audit to determine your level of desire?

While these questions of intention are hopefully exciting to you and for some may sound a little overwhelming, please know, with building a strong desire like anything it is built over time by your focus, discipline, and patience. It takes time and if it’s been low for some time, be patient with yourself and build your desire just like you would building your fitness, it takes some time but not too long. 30 days with focused effort can have you achieve profound changes.

And I am here to tell you from my experience, it’s actually easier to do the work and get what you need to be done, done, to fix things and be prosperous, than hiding out in procrastination and fear.

“Obstacles can’t stop you. Problems can’t stop you. Most of all, other people can’t stop you.
Only you can stop you“. 
– Jeffrey Gitomer

I see 2 main types of people in sales and business

1: is the type of person who is frustrated.

They don’t have enough money and they’re stressed and confused about how they’re going to pay themselves, their staff and keep the business doors open.

While their focus is on everything but the fundamentals of being focused on and creating and increasing sales. Oh, they’re busy working with clients and writing up quotes, they’re busy working on a website and treating clients.

But they’re behind in money and cash flow. Why?

They don’t consistently do the most important *What Counts*, which comprises of them and their team prospecting and presenting to bring in clients, they don’t study their craft to be skilled and effective sales and influence masterful people.

  • Setting ideal cash-flow target’s that has them be profitable to give them peace of mind.
  • And keep focusing on how, how and what they will bring in the sales and from where and with who to make these targets a reality.

Type 2 people: are people who do what it takes!

They focus on and have found a way to love the art of connection, influence, and sales and to make the money that will give them the life they envision while they provide their quality products and services that fulfill on their clients’ needs.

They make sure the right people are in the right role who can confidently and effectively sell their products and services.

They’ve done the work to have learned their *client consultation to engage process*, and they work it consistently that has people want to work with them and buy.

For example, my girlfriend Sarah consistently demonstrates these qualities. She is driven and embraces the excitement and adventure of presenting and selling people into what she represents, she has a passion for what she represents as products and services.

Yes, she gets tired and frustrated. But she has this amazing ability to say at the end of the day, ‘tomorrow is a new day’. Let’s shake it off and go for it again!

And most, most importantly, she takes the actions to find the people to present to, she calls and she is sweet and consistent and sells with massive success.

When she was selling homes through vendor finance she had me out with her putting signs up on polls all throughout the neighborhood. She just recently individually emailed 100s of people to personally share her current product offering and is making sales.

Does she get No’s, oh yes, but does she get yeses? Oh Yes.

However, she is a High I in the DISC profiling model and is a natural-born salesperson.

So I’m not saying you have to be exactly like her. What I advise you to do is take this way of being from another that can do it and is getting what you want and take these qualities on for yourself.

Why? So you get to win at your game of professional sales and business.

Make a decision to be someone who wants to make the sales and money in your role, business or corporation, make a decision to move from failure and struggle to freedom.

Ok, now take a deep breath and let’s continue.

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