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What Does ‘Sales’ Really Mean?

If you truly want to lift your cash flow and sales results and be outstanding in this market in this day and age, if you haven’t already gotten this, you must get clear on what sales really is.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you in the business of serving people you call customers or clients?
  2. Are you real, sincere and aim to provide a good quality service to them?
  3. You’re acknowledging them, building a relationship with them and love them?
  4. And you’re under-pining these ways of being by:
    – Consistently revisiting and aiming to do your absolute unreasonable best
    – To embody the fundamental principles of relationship building and sales
    success disciplines and principles?

Now you might be saying, ‘what are you talking about Trevor, of course, I know what sales really means and we know we are in the business of serving people, being sincere, building relationships, closing the sales and consistently and making a profit.’

And (maybe not you) but to most, I would say… is ‘BS’ to many who think they do, but when you look closer.

  • You/they might be good at following the fundamental disciplines that have you be a solid successful salesperson or sales team, or not!
  • You/they might be very good at marketing and getting the phone to ring, gain enquires from your website and gets the sale, or not!
  • You/their team might be smooth as silk in doing your presentations to have your customers buy from you, or not!
  • You/they could be great at having them get to your beautiful online or retail store to buy, or not.

But what we are talking about here is ‘real driving’ your sales figures through the roof and having pure success in all areas of your business and within your teams.

And with this goal in mind, doubling your sales in 90 days or less…

Are you really serving people, being real and honest, focused on acknowledging and building relationships with them back with high energy and sales-focused actions and disciplines?

And if you didn’t know this, or do… as a reminder, the number one reason people will consistently buy you and your business and from you is by how much they like and trust you and believe that you will take care of them and their needs.

Here’s what I’m talking about

Read through this fact-finder and take your time to write yes or no to assess your total below and how you rate. This exercise highlights some very important and critical areas that when addressed and actioned, will have a profound effect on improving your sales results.

How was that little exercise?

  • Does it have you feeling satisfied and at peace or thinking, S&*T, I’ve got some changes to make?
  • Remember 3 or more yeses only and you’re in the top 3% of the business. How low is the bar set?
  • And businesses say it’s the marketing and their industry. What a load of BS!
    What it’s really about is not knowing, not caring, being disorganized and playing an amateur’s game!

So, my friend, are you up for a better game and result?

Only if you want to increase your sales and be able to sit there and think, wow, it’s the end of the month. Everything is paid and I have surplus cash in our trading account.

Now don’t feel bad if you don’t, it could be the reason you’re reading this book and doing this valuable work. Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. We need to find out.

The success gap to be filled by over 97% of people in sales

And again, are you following fundamental highly results-focused selling skills disciplines, supported by super customer relationship building and acknowledgment and repeat transacting strategies which will supercharge your sales figures and profits?

Why do I ask?

Because as you can see by doing the above exercise, 97% of people in business are way under what they need and want to be doing to be making the sales to be profitable, paid up and happy.

I call it the *success gap*, which is the space between, shifting from frustration in the cash you make to having lots of money left at the end of the month. Freedom!

This *success gap* is where your profits or cream lives, the sweet spot of business and company success.

Corporations get it, but sadly, next to no one in small to medium business gets it or, know it but not doing what it takes to get it.

Most are ok at getting a customer in and putting all their focus and commitment into that one sale. But very few have got the awareness, skill and discipline and motivation to do the pre and after-sales sincere relationship-building actions to continue to be of service and sell to existing customers.

To be superior in sales and marketing that has them be a 3%er!

Oh, sure you might sign up for a newsletter or a discount voucher club. Then you get a generic broadcast email or text telling you a special discount offer is on.

“Boo Hoo! In this economic time, in this marketplace, if you want super success in your sales, business or corporation, you’ve got to get up and do some things differently to the 97%! You have got to dare to be unreasonable and stand out from the mediocre!”

I’ve seen it! You can have no website, poor management skills, hopeless systems, and be under-resourced and still succeed in being successful with high sales and profits.

Why? Because the people achieving these results are focused on;

  • Being great at building relationships with their customers
  • They’re on the floor selling
  • They’re out doing presentations
  • They’re clean and tidy and smell good and are patient, listen and lead well
  • They’re picking up the phone and connecting and getting their customers in again and again and they are masters of superhero sales skills.

“They push past laziness, they’re sober, they don’t let the little monkey voice of fear ‘oh what will they think of me’, stop them!”

I have personally experienced in my own businesses and observed in other businesses, that success comes from being able to build high-quality long-term connection and relationships and by having these clients come back time and again.

I take it that if you’re reading this book on how to raise your sales, increase your cash flow and get your profits up!

You’re clear on the fact you MUST DO something new, more of, or something differently… to achieve more sales, that will provide you with cash flow and profits you need to keep your business doors open and more importantly, grow and prosper.

What I’ve just told you and where I am taking you on as a journey in this book… I guarantee you if you take action on these principles and discipline you will…

  • Prosper in these challenging, overwhelming for 97%, economic times
  • Keep your business and company running successfully while you manage all the other areas of your business
  • Learn what it takes to provide your products and services to your client and win at the game of business and have a fulfilling, happy and wealthy life?

So take a deep breath now, read on and I’ll share with you this easy to understand, results-focused and motivating advice and winning actions, to provide you with the keys to achieving this most important goal within your business…

Which is to have good consistent high-quality sales figures and an impressive bottom-line profit, year in and year out!

Let us continue.

The critical factor

I say it, reading is one thing, super success in any area of business and life… is about as I’m sure you get and have heard, is about taking action.

Even if you’ve gotten just this far into the reading or listening, while we could have a winner here!

As a winner, it’s about you who thinks less and does the work more, and if you do it for 90 days it becomes a part of you and your team’s way of being.

“You will get the results you want that will increase your sales figures and your cash flow!”

If you’re reading this book because you either new to sales and want to learn the skills to be successful or you are in sales and you want to improve your skills, performance, and results but may be stuck in… ‘This is not for me, way of thinking’.

Why should you be so excited about the art of sales?

Here’s why!

  1. Being able to effectively and confidently interact with people and be able to ask clients to buy your products and services, will do more to lift your confidence than you ever could have imagined.
  2. This skill allows you to make a massive difference in your own life because you can now create your own money. This is more powerful than you may be able to imagine!
  3. Being able to present, influence and enroll others into your products and services gets to give them what they want and make a difference in their lives.
  4. Within your company, you and your team develop a greater sense of self-esteem and focus and joy for achieving sales and being profitable. It’s exciting!
  5. You are so much more results-driven which creates great momentum in your business, the team gets excited and gets to experience growth and results.
  6. You communicate to your colleagues, family, and friends in a clearer more professional, mature.
  7. You’re armed with the most important business skill which is the ability to generate money for you and your business which raises cash-flow and profits.
  8. When you are in charge of your own ability to make more money, it creates a powerful sense of certainty, satisfaction, and happiness, which is really the underlying reason we do everything in life. Is to gain happiness.

I have a belief that it’s about 3% of society that does what it takes to live a super successful life. The 97% are the people that are in pain, are drunk, struggling, overrun with debts and are unhappy in their work, life, and love of themselves.

‘Whether you’re in the 97% or 3%, I want to assure you that you can still change for the better. It’s about starting and taking 1 focused courageous step at a time. It’s simple but it’s not easy.’

However, if you’re here reading this book then it’s clear you have success in you as it’s only the 3% that actually read and want to learn how to improve their business and lives.

So, come on a journey with me, take this information and steps and advice and apply it into your way of being, your family, your business and your life.

I promise you; you will be so happy you did.

To get up in the morning and feel happy and look forward to your day that you’ve been given the gift to live, is your greatest goal.

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